Social Activities...

From the very first days, AQL Teambuilding is not only showing the effort in business but trying to contribute to social activities. In 10 years, the AQL Teambuilding have organized, supported and financed many programs about:

  • Student Consulting
  • Giving Newspapers to Students
  • The Green Summer Campaign
  • Helping poor and disabled children
  • Teamwork Challenge

The Student Consulting Program was organized by AQL with many consultancy activities about career guidance and presenting job opportunities to students. Many talented students were recruited by many international organizations in our programs. AQL presented 10.000 SaigonTimes Weekly, SaigonTimes Daily and Saigon Economic Times newspapers to the libraries of Economic University, Huflit University, Open University, Foreign Trade University, National Library of Social Science, ….

If you want to support or sponsor for disadvantaged children, poor people, students or join our social activities... Please contact us.