1. Great Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy
Over 80 percent of AQL’s customers are introduced by our traditional customers (AQL’s employees or former employees of our customers). We always appreciate and try to successfully organize your programs as our marketing strategy. So that we don’t often appear on public communication channels. That is our specialized marketing strategy.

2. “Each customer - Each idea.”

The AQL’s guideline “Each customer – Each idea”  have guided us to create an unique and reputable brand. In 14 years, The AQL Teambuilding have developed many unique teambuilding ideas for a lot of famous organizations like BP Castrol, Roche, Tetra Park, BASF, GSK,…..

3. Satisfaction of Customers….

From the beginning, The AQL Teambuilding have successfully organised 1,000 teambuilding programs for customers/partners in the sectors of heavy industry, chemistry, medicine, finance, banking, tourism, aviation, consumer goods…, with 95 percent of our customers are international organizations, joint ventures and foreign-invested companies in Vietnam
We always appreciate and learn from customer feedback to improve our service quality.

4. Specialize in Premium Market Segment – Concentrate in Sustained Customers.

With the strategy concentrating in the “potential market” and focusing on “traditional customers”  in chemical & petrochemical sectors, heavy industry, finance-banking and premium service,….We asserted our values as a sustainable development company the last thirteen years.

5.  Leading Quality

The AQL Teambuilding always provides the teambuilding program with highest quality for each demand of customers, and the whole of our programs were received good feedback. However, we have never been satisfied but always try to approach “the perfection of service”.

6. Confidental information
We always keep client's program, games, designs, information confidential.