The Quality... AQL was founded by Mr. An Hoa Nguyen (A) and Mrs. Ly Thi – My Do (L) with the strategy conquering the market by Quality (Q).
We not only provide teambuilding, but also live the principles and characteristics of an effective team. We strives for excellence because we know that our success depends on it. There is only acceptable outcome of all we do “a satisfied customer”. 
Our process is designed to meet your needs and the training is unique to each customer:
  • Step 1: We sits down with each customer and together we define your requirements, objectives.
  • Step 2: We discuss your organizational structure, areas of focus, and budget.
  • Step 3: Based on your organization and requirements we study the program and training environment, which would best fit your needs.
  • Step 4: We design a program and create a proposal, which we share and get the customers input.
  • Step 5: Based on the input, we will modify the program to make sure all of the goals are met.
  • Step 6: Upon approval to proceed, we make arrangements, train our staff, design/build training aids and finalize the process.
  • Step 7: Prior to all sessions, the final process is reviewed with all of our staff for technical correctness, flow and input for any ideas, which can improve it further.